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Adan Kovinich

It came to me while sitting in a virtual meeting with a client. I looked at her and asked: "How do you currently get business?" Her answer shocked me. "I have no idea. Foot traffic used to be my source of revenue, but now that's gone." 


Her business had three months left. The pandemic had washed away all of her customers. Her business, who she nurtured as though it was a child, was about to be taken from her. It was at that moment I realized she's not the only one. 


​You've lost time trying to do everything. You can't be a marketer, seller, SEO expert, website designer, social media manager, content creator, and business owner. I'd never want to run your business. So why are you trying to do a job that isn't yours to handle?


Leave it to the experts. 


Now you can get back to what you do best. Running your business. 

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