Image by Mitchel Lensink

Building Rapport


The Story

The first time I learned the word lead generation, I was ten-years-old. Staring at my mother with wide eyes as she handed me a phone book. "We need to get leads; this means we have to cold call every number in this phone book." Confused, I replied: "What's a cold call?" By the time I was thirteen, I had watched my mother make thousands of cold calls and memorized her script. I listened to her tone of voice, mimicked her rapport building, and practiced when she wasn't around. Someday I will be a saleswoman like her - I thought to myself. 


In 2017 I had the first shot at commission sales. I was 18, and I walked into a furniture store; I was the only female saleswoman. I found the manager and said, "Who is the top salesperson here." He pointed to a gentleman in his mid-forties. I glanced and replied: "In six months ill sell double his numbers." It only took me 12 weeks to beat the top salesperson. That's when I knew I had a special talent that needs to be shared. 


In Mid - 2018, I had a second shot at sales; I worked for Bell Canada Corporate, specializing in small business. In my time with Bell, I sold hundreds of thousands of dollars in cellular plans, I achieved top performer status on both a store, district and regional level. I was one of twelve retail locations deemed an essential service during the first Ontario retail closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During that time, I maintained above target sales and was apart of the essential service team - recognized with a letter of appreciation from the CEO of mobility for Bell Canada.


I will graduate in April 2021 with a diploma in Business - Sales and Marketing. Spending many hours writing strategic marketing plans, practicing sales roleplays, creating compelling presentations and creating effective business co-branding strategies.

Today, my passion has always been to help small and medium-sized businesses grow. As a third-generation small business owner, I know the value of the effort you put into your company. Together, I can help you grow a strategic marketing plan, train your team with sales, improve business practices, grow your social media platform, help you win more sales, lead generate and above all, put more money in your pocket.