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Creating marketing strategies, find your target market, and guaranteeing market growth can be confusing. Here you can find my latest projects and proof of client growth. 

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    The Box Of Life

    Created a 12 month paid advertising campaign that can be utilized long-term. Expected growth will be determined by use of landing page and email campaigns.
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    Plant Base Wellness

    A strategic marketing plan comes from understanding your weaknesses and utilizing your strengths to overcome them while identifying your threats and finding unique opportunities to get ahead of the competition.
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    Jogo Juice

    A social media analysis should be performed on a quarterly basis. This allows for companies to see areas of opportunity for brand awareness, social growth and evaluation of competion
  • Soungui Fitness

    Soungui Fitness

    Email marketing is known to have the largest return on investment. For every $1.00 spent on email marketing, the return is $37.00. Email marketing sets you apart from your competition.
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    Smart APoop

    Analyzing your SEO regularly can determine your position on google, and increase your sales, website traffic, email marketing signups and business growth. 
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    Increasing leads can be daunting, but when paired with a strategic lead generation plan will increase overall customer retention, and turn one time customers into promoters. 
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